Auto service and repair centre


November 28, 2017

Automotive Service Providers Vs. Car Dealerships

Automotive service provider technicians are expertly trained to repair all car makes and models sold in Canada. Therefore, having the right diagnostic tools that work with a wide variety of car computers/On-Board Diagnostic Systems, is necessary.

Diagnostic tools from car dealerships are limited as their tools are specific to their respective car make. While on the other hand, automotive service providers have access to tools that work with car computers from different makes. Nowadays, having multiple diagnostic tools readily available is necessary and advantageous in order to access the more complex functions from a wide range of vehicles.

In addition, the use of software containing all the car owner’s manuals and specific information from auto manufacturers means auto service providers can offer the same model-specific service as dealerships.

In fact, there is possibly more product knowledge at an automotive service provider than at a dealership. Do not hesitate to trust us with your cars… we have the expert knowledge and the right tools.