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December 15, 2017

A breakdown abroad

We easily see ourselves driving down the road under the sunny skies as we set to explore the thrills of driving in a foreign country. However, we rarely imagine ourselves having a breakdown in the middle of nowhere with smoke stemming from our car engine. What to do if this situation were to occur?


First of all, do know that most Uni-Pro and Auto-Select repair shops offer Roadside Assistance, so remember to check if yours is still valid.


Rather safe than sorry!

When planning your itinerary, go over the coverage that you have selected with your insurance while abroad or on an excursion. Make sure they correspond to your needs by checking the available services (and what is not covered) and jotting down the emergency telephone numbers.

Remain calm and keep your receipt!

If an accident were to occur, you must make sure to keep all the receipts tied to the particular event (meals, accommodations, towing) and the estimate of the damage. Be sure to also keep the receipt for any repairs done on your vehicle and a police report if necessary. Once you return home, you can send all the documents to your insurance company, while filling out their form that can most likely be found online.

In case of emergency

If you find yourself on an unknown road where you don’t feel safe, you should proceed with extreme caution and stay vigilant. In case of an accident, wait for the police to arrive before getting out of your vehicle. Honk the horn to attract attention or to scare away potential criminals looking to take advantage of you in this moment of distress.

Enjoy your vacation by taking your time and driving carefully. Safe travels.